Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog #7

Humor, well I have a very broad view of humor I do not know where to start. For me humor ranges from movies, comedians, and funny daily life thing that happen that make me laugh. First, the movies I consider to be funny are not always the ones that make me laugh out loud, they can be dark comedies as well where you really have to pay attention to the movies or you will miss the jokes. The comedy movies I like range from movies from comedians like, (yes) Jim Carrey, to Dane Cook, to watching movies from stand up comedians like Richard Pryor, George Lopez, amongst others. Also I’m a fan of British comedy movies, like Snatch (with Brad Pitt, Jason Stathom, and others), Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (with Jason Stathom, Vinnie Jones, and others), and some of their shows too like, “Little Britain.” Also, as I stated before humor for me also happens everyday when you catch yourself or others doing funny or stupid things and end up laughing about those retarded things you just did. It does not necessarily has to be about things that just happened but things that you did in the past and you are talking with your friends, family, or coworkers about them and laughing at that. So for me humor is just one giant ball of things that make me smile or laugh and maybe end up making my day.
Now, when I think of style, I think of the personality of a person. For me it is not what you wear or where you buy your clothes or how expensive they are, you can be the nicest dressed person in the room and have a crappy personality. I for instance do like to dress up (when I feel like it or when I need to J ) but I have a good personality to go with it. I am also not one of those trend following people like there are many out there, I usually dress up in what I feel I will look good and what I will feel comfortable wearing, if those two things do not combine then I will not buy that something and wear it. So for me it has to be a combination with those three things comfortness, likelihood of me wearing it, and have a good personality to go with it.

Blog #6

When I heard that we had to do a critical analysis on a movie when we got the assignment I was not that much concerned because if I did not understand the movie or understand the concept or argument that the screen writer was trying to make us see, I have a Netflix account where I could watch the film over and over again. Also, when I saw what movie it was I like “really this old movie?” but I must say I rather enjoyed it and I actually saw it a couple of times at home before typing the paper, I even had my girlfriend watch it with me! One more thing is I’m sure that while watching this movie I as well as some of my other classmates had flashbacks or could relate to what the movie was about, it probably remind them of people the knew, friends, or maybe themselves. I liked the assignment I do not think that it presented a lot of problems so I would not mind doing another critical analysis or another paper on a movie. So in the end I could say that I did end up liking the movie, I would not put with my like top twenty movies but it is definitely one that I would watch again some other time. I did not really dislike anything about this assignment, though I have not received my paper back yet so I do not know what I could have done different. With that in mind I do not think that I would change anything, I did my introduction with my thesis, where I had what the article was going to be about and had very clear what I wanted to write and how I wanted to do it.

Blog #5

Well to start I did it completely wrong, I did not do it in the format that I was supposed to. When I went to OWL I thought that the way that I typed was the way that Kristen wanted it to be but I was wrong. So one of the things that I would change when I rewrite would be to change the format to the correct form. Another, would be to actually analyze it instead, what I did was summarize it and that was not what the assignment was looking for. With that said I could say that I did not effectively discuss whether or not the argument was successful. My opinion was on the paper I wrote a lot about what my opinion was on most of all my paragraphs, but like I stated before, it was not exactly what the assignment was. When I was doing my evaluative summary I wrote my opinions and I believe I did have good transitions from the concrete details to the sentences where my opinion was. I think my choice of words used for the evaluative summary were appropriate so I do not think that I could have used stronger verbs or different ones to help my writing. Overall, I have to rewrite my paper in the correct format, analyze it not summarize it, and now I will have to go back and reread the article and try to analyze it more carefully and rewrite it to get that grade that I want. J

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Research Paper Free Write

I love sports, I like to play them, watch them, and I like beeing involved sports organizations. Since I can remember I have always like sports especially soccer, when I was younger my dad used to watch it back then and he still does now. When I was in elementary I remember I always wanted to play in some sort of sport for the school or some sports organization in the city. I never got to because my parents were always working and were not able to take me to practice, to the games, and if travel was needed they were not gonna be able to take me. When I was a teenager I went to live at my hometown in Mexico where the sport is widely played. I made some friends that played in a team that went around to other towns to play soccer and since I really liked to play it, I was asked to join the team which I did. I played in that team for about 1 ½ years until I had to come back to the United States. When I came to Aurora same thing happened I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t play any sports during high school but this time for a different reason which was that I started working when I was a sophmore/junior in high school to help out the family. Even though I didn’t play in my school years I still continue to keep up with my teams and watch them occasionally in tv. Now that I am out of high school and older hahaha I have found a new place to play. I played last year in the indoor soccer league at Play USA and enjoyed every second of it except when an opponent hit me with his head above my right eye and made a cut of about 1 ½ inches. Other than that I will join again this year and hopefully do better than last since I practice every other day when I have free time. I will continue to do so until I can’t anymore physically.
Some of the stuff I talk about with my friends are like school, work, financial issues, and how we are doing in life playing adults J . Some of my friends and I sometimes talk about how we’re doing in school like if we are having problems with some classes or how many credit hours do we still need to graduate and get our diplomas. We sometimes find out how one another has had or has the same teacher and we talk about how they’re good going or how hard they are. Sometimes we talk about how we’re doing at work. I have some friends who also work as security at other places and they tell me what they did, how someone got arrested or a funny thing that they saw. Same for me I tell them we kicked out a drunk, got a minor with a fake id, or how some of our policies and procedures differ. Some of us also talk about how if we had the chance to change jobs we would, or how we would feel if we were actually working in the area of profession that we actually really really want to be in. Sometimes we relate our work to our financial issues. We might talk about how we are buried in debt and how this and this bill has to be paid by this day and we might be tight of money. We talk about what we plan to buy in the future or what we plan to do with our next paycheck. I guess all this rounds up to how we’ve changed since we were in school when we didn’t have a lot of responsibilities and we were almost carefree so we just talk about life and how we’re doing in it.
I am also very interested in movies I go a lot to the movies and watch them just to keep entertained not so much to criticize or analyze. Almost every week we go see a movie, when new ones are showing of course. I still hold most of the ticket stubs from the movies that I have seen and they are plenty. When I was younger my parents never really went to the theatres and when I lived in Mexico there were no theatres in like a 20-25 mile radius and had limited transportation. Here in the US it’s different though I have my own car and within a 10 mile radius there are at least 4 or 5 theatres so I take full advantage of that. One of my goals for the future is to open a theatre in Mexico in my hometown where I know so many others like me will enjoy the movies the same way I enjoy them. I like all types of genres from action/adventure, comedy, drama, horror, to indie films. I even made an account on Netflix so I could rent movies that were old and classics to movies that I want to see over and over again and as I am typing this work for my blog I was checking the times for a movie on some of the nearby theatres for later on J . Like I stated before I do not go to watch movies to criticize but just for entertainment and the feeling that comes with watching some of these movies and I will continues to do so until they stop make them…Never lo

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog #3

While writing the informal summary I learned that I still have trouble with things such as citing the sentences properly or at all for that matter and learned that writing in a group can be better than with myself. I am still confused as to how to cite after the sentences that have concrete details, even though it has been explained to us how to I cannot seem to grasp the concept. I know we all get the information from the same articles that we read from class, what confuses me is that I do not know what exactly is that we are to put after the sentence, just the author’s last name, or the author’s last name and page were it was found, or author’s last name, page number, and article. I know for some of the other student’s in class it is of second nature but to me I am still having a hard time with it, a reason for this might be that it has been a couple of years since I last had an English or any other class where I was required to write any papers, so I need some refreshment because I might just be rusty with my writing. Even though I had some confusion when writing the paper I believe I did show leadership when we got into our groups and got everything started with my partner, I set the guidelines to what each other would do in order to complete this assignment and my partner did not complain about anything she agreed it was a good idea the way we had accomplished our goal. Honestly, I was not as prepared as I thought I was, so sometimes I saw myself stuck when typing the informal summary. I do not think that I am either less or more competent than what I thought, this to fact that I have never placed myself in either good or bad category as a writer.

Blog #2

For me the diagnostics essays was not difficult to write because almost all that I wrote came from what I could think of, it was not something that I needed to summarize out of another article or essay. If I had the chance to do it again I do not believe I would change anything because those ideas came from me, so if I decided to do it again I would probably come up with the same concept. Writing for me is not one of my strengths as a student, I believe that that is due to me having a hard time retaining information sometimes when I read. Something that I believe has an affect on how sometime I have trouble keeping information that I read is that some of the articles or other papers that I read are not really interesting to me. I however do enjoy writing because it is a way for me and others to express what we think and if we are reading another article, to summarize for someone else and make it easier to understand. Like I stated above, if some of the articles were fun and interesting (of course this is my own opinion) I believe I would have a better time writing. I think that for me the most fun I have writing is when I write about something in history because I enjoy history a lot as well as technological articles, like when speaking about a new technology or how something works just fascinates me.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog #1

Some of the things that I read that were similar to what I've learned in the past are they way we use to begin our introductions in our writing, going from a very broad statement and making our way to a more specific point that we are trying to address. Also, the ways of responding to the argumenatative writing because I've learned in the past that in order for it to be argumentative you do not have to disagree with the author. More writing tools that I've used in the past include the templates to expand the writing, although, by doing the reading on these sections I came to learn that the way I expand my writing is not the best because I use what is called the "list summaries," which just points out what I'm trying to say without going into greater depth. Last but not least, the way it shows us how to introduce the quotations is similar to what I have learned in the past because we cant just put X says "yada yada yada," I was shown to do the "quotation sandwich" by putting and introduction statement before and after to put a follow-up statement.

What I found that was new was, when I was in high school we would never start our introductions with comparing points of view, not because they did not want us to learn that, I guess they just figure we did not need them at that level.

What I found interesting was the point that in your writing or in your speeches if you only state your point at the beginning or at the end, that throughout your writing or speeches, that people tend to forget or not completely remember why is it that they are taking in that information. Also, I read about the section that explorers the opinions on the templates used in writing by some college students, I agree with the writer in that yes you can use templates to help you in your writing but it doesn't necessarily mean that that's what you have to use or follow.

I believe that these readings although just the beginning of class are going to really helpout others like me.